Wizenoze Readability Classification

We challenge the status quo of readability classification that is based on 50 year old theories

Our Ph.D. experts in natural language processing and machine learning built a better classification engine leveraging Artificial Intelligence and modern machine learning.

The Wizenoze Readability Index©

A new standard in readability

The readability of online texts is generally analyzed by applying decades old readability formulas. In our view, these formulas are obsolete. Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, we have developed our own readability classification algorithm. We employ the same text attributes as traditional readability formulas, but we also rely on much more advanced analysis of the grammatical characteristics of a text. Then, based on large quantities of previously labelled sample texts (training data), our machine learning technology determines which textual features are important for predicting readability.

The Wizenoze Readability Index gives an estimate of the readability of a text. A higher level means a more difficult text. To offer some guidance, the table below shows how these reading levels relate to several education systems. However, keep in mind that this mapping means that a student that completed a specific Key stage or a student that reached a specific Functional Skill level is ‘expected’ to be able to read and understand texts at the corresponding reading level from The Wizenoze Readability Index. However, every student is different, there will always be students that do not reach the expected level within a specific Key stage or that reach a higher level than the expected level.

Our five reading levels correspond to these levels of schooling

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The Wizenoze Readability Index©
Key stages (UK) Functional Skill Levels (UK) Grade levels (US)
Reading level 1 Key stage 1 FS Entry level 1-2 Kindergarten
Reading level 2 Lower Key stage 2 FS Entry level 2-3 Grades 2-3
Reading level 3 Higher Key stage 2 / Lower Key stage 3 FS level 1 Grades 4-5
Reading level 4 Higher Key stage 3 / Lower Key stage 4 FS level 1-2 Grades 6-8
Reading level 5 Higher Key stage 4 FS level 2 Grades 9-10

Readability API

An extensive suite of API’s which enable integration of our readability classification engine into any of your existing software tools.

Using our readability API, you can:

  • determine the reading level of any text;
  • determine which elements in your text are difficult;
  • find simpler alternatives for difficult terms.

By integrating our readability API, your existing software products could be transformed to deliver the following features:

  • Alternative text suggestions based on the target reading level;
  • Real-time written text reading level display;
  • Integrated readability editor to help writers check their own writing (or power your own editor with Wizenoze technology);
  • Bulk scanning service to help companies check their entire back catalogue of digital materials.

Take a look at our API documentation

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