We build products to leverage our modern readability engine to help you, help others

Web for Classrooms

The largest safe-for-school collection of online content for students aged 7 to 18 available in the world today. Web for Classrooms provides rapid access for students and teachers to over 16 million pages of supportive online curriculum material from a vast range of respectable sources – all searchable by reading age. This unique resource is powered by the very latest in machine learning technology and is curated to ensure that the material retrieved is safe, age-appropriate and readable by the user – whatever their level of literacy. The Web for Classrooms API is also available to easily integrate into your own platform.

Readability Classification

We challenge the status quo of readability classification that is based on 50-year-old theories. Our Ph.D. experts in natural language processing and machine learning built a better classification engine leveraging Artificial Intelligence and modern machine learning.

Wizenote Editor

A web-based text editor enabling authors to check the reading age of their copy in real time. Wizenote Editor provides useful improvement suggestions based uniquely on the actual target reading age the copy is intended for. A feature that no other readability editor offers today. Wizenote Editor is a great aid for writers who wish to ensure their copy has the best possible chance of being understood by the intended audience.

Our technology

Our team of PhD experts spent 4 years building a unique readability analysis engine, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

This AI engine is used to estimate the readability of any text. Our methods rely on extensive linguistic knowledge and one of the largest training datasets. This process makes the readability analysis far more reliable than any other method.

Curated content, classified per reading level, is discovered and stored in our search index using continuous web crawling technology. Access to the information in the search index is possible via full-text search by reading level.

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