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“In the past, censorship worked by blocking the flow of information. In the 21st century, censorship works by flooding people with irrelevant information. People just don’t know what to pay attention to, and they often spend their time investigating and debating side issues.”

Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Wizenoze was founded in September 2013 in Amsterdam by Diane Janknegt and Theo Huibers to overcome the problem described above. This problem is particularly acute for students seeking to find relevant, readable and reliable educational content to support their research and study. 

Students all over the world are faced with a flood of commercially-focused, inappropriate and irrelevant information when searching online. Wizenoze aim to address this by facilitating access to an internet tailored for education. We develop industry-leading technologies that enable students to search and find content online that matches their needs and reading skills.

Most importantly our technology works and improves outcomes for learners. Research from classrooms worldwide found that 91% of students with access to our Web for Classrooms product improved their learning results.

Furthermore, international recognition from the Disrupt 100, Forbes, Google, Pearson and as a finalist at the Next Billion EdTech Prize powerfully demonstrates the significant positive impact Wizenoze is having on global education standards.

TED talks

Finding the answer! A Better Internet for Kids

Hanna Jochmann Child-Computer Interaction

Meet the Team

Diane Janknegt
Parvinder Bhatia

Chief Operations Officer


Thijs Westerveld, PhD

Chief Science Officer

thijs@wizenoze.com   LinkedIn

Vaughn Dickson

Chief Technology Officer


Christine Fraser

Director of Product

christine@wizenoze.com   LinkedIn

Ian Hunter

Commercial Director


Maarten Sprenger

Chief Content Curation


Hanna Jochmann, PhD

Customer Success Manager


Gerben de Vries, PhD

Applied Scientist


Edin Hendo

UI/UX Designer
Frontend Developer


Liz Dobrée

Project Manager
UK and International


Rachael Chidgey

Vocational Researcher UK


Jonathan Viner

Business Development


Saranya Sreedharan

Software Developer


Adewale Adeoye

Frontend Developer


Tjadine Ullmann-Carp
Deepthi Ausekar
Rabia Chhabra
Justin Mensah

Crawl Configurator


Our Advisory Board

Theo Huibers

Professor of Information Retrieval


Alan Greenberg

Advisor and Director


Franciska de Jong

Professor of Language Technology


Arjen P. de Vries

Professor of Multimedia Dataspaces


Our partners

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